We can perform aluminum die casting operations with two Japanese made UBE Kyosan NX350C automatic die casting programmable lines. 350 ton capacity with cold chamber and trimming machine as well as automixing, pumping system and extraction unit guarantees quick and qualified parts casting for further CNC machining.

We have recently acquired German made Weingarten GD850 aluminum die casting cells. They have cold chamber with horizontal injection system with strokes of 900mm and 850 kN locking force. Investment in this machine will help ABF LT become even more competitive in aluminum die casting by providing faster production times and bigger batches.

CNC turning is one of the most popular metal working techniques in the production of components from construction materials. While milling can perform drilling, deepening, tapping, milling contours and forming various parts surfaces – flat, cylindrical or tapered, straight or helical grooves according to customer’s needs. We specialize in precision machining with programmable YCM, Hyundai-KIA,  Nakamura-Tome, Emco Turn, Hitachi Seiki, Mori Seiki,  Haas turning and milling machines.

You will be sure that required products are going to be of good quality, professionally done and on time. A high-class turning and milling is also influenced by qualifications and experienceIn ABF LT turning and milling tasks are carried out by highly qualified professionals who have great experience in turning and milling even the most complex production.

Fully automated anodising line was acquired in 2016. Material dimensions of up to 1,5 x 1,4 x 0,5m to be anodised. Computer controlled processes with Siemens S7 controller.

ABF LT can carry out thermoplastic coating on metal works. Thermoplastic resins are superior in certain environmentswhich are tight for strength, appearance and surface hygiene requirementsThermoplastic powder coating can be a good decision when you need these features: corrosion resistance, noise reduction, electrical insulation, impact resistance, chemical resistance, abrasionanti-allergy, high or low surface friction, UV resistance and contact with food.

ABF LT has broad technological capabilities and we are very flexible in metal processingso we can meet the ever-changing needs of our consumersWe also provide metal grinding, welding, hardening, sandblastingengraving and other metal works.

The SPECTROTEST is a mobile arc spark spectrometer ideal for many applications in the metal producing, processing, and recycling industries. This mobile metal analyzer flaunts its superior performance especially when exact metal analysis is required, when materials are difficult to identify or when there is a large number of samples to be tested.

The complex arc spark spectrometer design offers many ergonomic advantages for safe and fatigue-free onsite operation. The light, thin probe is quickly converted between arc excitation and spark excitation (arc spark OES). A probe with an integrated UV optic is available for special measuring applications; in its newest version it can also be utilized with arc excitation.

This arc spark spectrometer is even able to identify low alloy steel with the carbon content during the rapid arc excitation mode. In spark mode, the SPECTROTEST’s analysis of carbon phosphorous and sulfur are potential applications in addition to the identification of duplex steels using the nitrogen content.